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Our apps are now available on Google Play Store, Windows Store and Apple App Store. We develop apps for Android™, iOS® (iPad/iPhone), Windows 8.x devices (metro/modern apps) and Windows Phone 8.

If you have an idea for developing a mobile app or you want us to develop an app for you then feel free to contact us via

Smart Mobile

Smart Mobile enables one touch access to balance enquiry, credit top up, data bundling of different bandwidths, call me back, credit transfer among others which are kept up-to-date using Over-The-Air (OTA) updates.

This app was developed to solve the problem with the use of USSD commands and SMS based services. It also features Where-Am-I (WIA) service that tells you your current location... and it works with all GSM networks in Ghana.

The current version (1.7) codenamed Lucid supports Phone number portability, cross network 'Recharge for Others' and other essential services.

Parliamentary Watch

Whether you are an MP or a seasoned vet, you need this app! Parliamentary Watch is the gateway for people to get detailed information about their elected members of Parliament of Ghana and to follow the day to day business of the august house. Keep an eye on the folks in Accra who are supposed to be working for us.

  • 1. Standing Orders of Parliament of Ghana
  • 2. General Overview of Parliament of Ghana
  • 3. Detailed information about Members of Parliament
  • 4. Bills, legislative/executive instruments currently before the house
  • 5. Publications from the Office of Parliament including order papers, etc
  • 6. Detailed information about leaders of Parliament
  • 7. Current news/events at the Office of Parliament
  • 8. Video and audio streaming
  • 8. Committees and their members


Fast and fluid! Wow, terrific app! Well thought out and easy to use.

Whether you are an MP or a seasoned vet, you need this app! Why? Because it has got the scope on EVERYTHING related to the Laws and History of Ghana in addition to a quick and easy access to innovative features all in the power of your hands.

When you're on the go, the app is the best way to research, learn, and educate yourself about the Constitution, History, Acts of Parliament and the National symbols of mother Ghana...

1. The Constitution of the Republic of Ghana
2. History of Ghana
3. National Symbols, Songs (Patriotic) and Videos
4. Acts of Parliament

Universities of Ghana

If you are considering applying to any university in Ghana, this app offers a window into discovering facts, academic programmes and photo galleries of your choice of university. You can search and list similar courses from all the universities and compare them.

It is a one stop shop for prospective students to research the universities they are interested in. It also keeps track of announcements from all the universities. Keep up with the event buzz.

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